Streetsoccer achievements

Streetsoccer Achievements and Team Formation

Hey everyone, long time no post, I know, but I’ve picked up the pace again! I’ve just completed the Achievement system for Streetsoccer. I always loved the achievements in “Tilt to Live” where they are more like riddles than gaming … Read More

Streetsoccer play by mail

Streetsoccer Play-By-Mail – Part 2

Work on play-by-mail continues. Funny enough, it takes longer to design the dialogs than to actually code it, thanks to the maturity of the underlying GameController code. I was just reminded the other day that I’m now coding on StreetSoccer … Read More

Streetsoccer play by mail

Streetsoccer Play-by-Mail

I’ve started coding the play-by-mail mode of Streetsoccer. At first I though it would not be necessary for the initial release but lately I more and more get the feeling that this should be an App that you play with … Read More

Recipes iPad Version

Ever since the original iPad was released, a number of people have asked me about an iPad version of Recipes. Since I’ve received another such mail today, I thought I quickly do an official post on it. … Read More

Blog moved to tumblr

Believe it or not, up to now I’ve been doing blog posts the hard way, i.e. hand crafted HTML. While this produced very clean HTML output, it just lacked a number of features I really wanted like tags, comments and … Read More

Streetsoccer Menus

As promised, here is a video of the new menus in action. Most of the work is done, but what is missing are the team profile, career mode and the AI character images. As some may notice, I just dumped … Read More

Streetsoccer menu design

New Years Post

Happy new year everyone! Life is what’s happening while you’re making plans, and so it has been quite a while since the last post. A lot has been going on, both on and off topic. I don’t do new years … Read More

Streetsoccer chat system

StreetSoccer Chat System

StreetSoccer now has an internal chat system that players can use to talk to each other while playing via GameCenter. So besides some robustness improvements and testing, online multiplayer should be complete.

Wacom Cintiq 24HD

Wacom Cintiq 24 HD vs. Intuos 4 Review

A dream has come true… my Wacom Cintiq finally arrived! I wanted to own one of these since I first heard of the concept a few years back. A display on which one can draw! How amazing would that be? … Read More

Blender Shadow Baking

Blender’s “No Objects or Images to Bake” Error

Today, I was once again in the situation that I wanted to hook up a prototype and started modeling some simple shapes in Blender. When I got to the step of actually baking shadow textures, I ran into the old … Read More