Website redesign

As you probably have noticed, this website has changed a lot. I’ve moved away from hand crafted HTML + Tumbler blog to using WordPress now. This allows for a better structure, improved design and should make it easier to post … Read More

StreetSoccer V1.1.0 – German Localization and Movement Area

StreetSoccer V1.1.0 is now heading for Apple review. This again brings a bunch of bugfixes as well as two new features: German Localization Movement Area Visualization … Read More

Streetsoccer in the News

Exciting times! Essen game convention has just started and Streetsoccer is in the news on a couple of sites: … Read More

Streetsoccer app icon

Streetsoccer for iOS available on the AppStore

It’s finally here. Spread the word, post reviews, let us know what you would like to see in feature updates… and have fun playing : )

DICE+ Support for Streetsoccer

I just received a package from Poland containing my DICE+ DevKit. If you haven’t heard of DICE+, it’s a die connecting to iOS devices via bluetooth that has a tons of sensors in there. It even detects if the role … Read More

Streetsoccer app icon

Streetsoccer is on the way!

Well, if hell didn’t just freeze over: After almost three years of work, I’ve submitted Streetsoccer to the app store! Actually, today was the third time in three days : ) … Read More

Recipes iOS 7 Updates and other news

I took a small brake from working on Streetsoccer and did the necessary adjustments to make Recipes work with iOS 7. The update went into review yesterday and will hopefully be public in a week or so. As for Streetsoccer, … Read More

Streetsoccer Full In Game Recording

I’ve just uploaded a video showing of the various menus and a full match against the AI. As you can see, some art assets like the AI characters are still missing but coding wise the game is pretty much done. … Read More

Streetsoccer Coding Complete

After 2 ½ years, coding on Streetsoccer is finally complete. Well, truth be told, I still have to add something to handle potential support cases tomorrow but basically the game itself is done! I’ve just re-checked the repository: The very … Read More