Streetsoccer Achievements and Team Formation

Streetsoccer achievements

Hey everyone,

long time no post, I know, but I’ve picked up the pace again! I’ve just completed the Achievement system for Streetsoccer. I always loved the achievements in “Tilt to Live” where they are more like riddles than gaming points without much purpose, so that’s why I did for Streetsoccer. There will be roughly 30 achievements to start with and for each only get a hint. Some are pretty obvious, some are play on words, some you probably will get by some nifty move inside the game without aiming for an achievement. They sync with Game Center and everything.

The main reason why this took me a while was I had to figure out how to do nice looking text inside iOS. You see, most of the buttons and labels I simply render in Photoshop with a nice gradient and drop shadow but that of course is no option for dynamically generated text. I’ve found a couple of code snippets here and there on how to do fancy labels but all of them had some flaws. For example, most of them didn’t seem to handle text gradients with multiple lines of text correctly. Another thing was that I needed UITextField controls with gradient and shadows as well and they were a bit tricky. I’ll probably do a post just on that topic soon.

In the end, it works great and I’m seriously thinking of replacing all the pre-rendered text elements with my fancy labels now. Only problem is that I don’t particularly like the iOS built-in fonts and for some reason it is ridiculous expensive to license a font for mobile apps. I see almost see myself creating my own true type font…

The other great news is that the Team Formation view is done as well. This will be very you can change the player numbers and assign names to your team as well as the individual team members.

Streetsoccer Formation
Streetsoccer Formation

I would love to add that one can design his own team shirts but the list of todos is probably too long that this will make the first release. Speaking of which, I guess I have a deadline. I was just reminded today that the European soccer championship is coming soon…

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