Recipes iPad Version

Ever since the original iPad was released, a number of people have asked me about an iPad version of Recipes. Since I’ve received another such mail today, I thought I quickly do an official post on it.

Long story short, I would love to have an iPad version myself which is always a good factor. However, doing a properly designed iPad version amounts to pretty much rewriting the whole App from skretch. Of course the database, imports and so on can be shared between both app-versions, but the user interface has been particularly designed for the iPhone’s small screen. For an iPad, a completely different layout has to be created which takes a lot of time if it is do be done right. I started such an approach a year ago and here is a screenshot.

Back in the days I wanted to give it the appearance of an old-style cooking book, but nowerdays I’m not so sure if it shouldn’t be a more function-oriented user interface like the iPhone version. One thing is for sure: With all the work done for MonkeyDash and Streetsoccer, I’m much quicker in Photoshop now. I think I’ll try to come up with an interface mockup right after finishing Streetsoccer and will then finally start coding the iPad-version. The only problem is: If I do an iPad-version, it again raises the question about syncing databases between multiple devices which is a huge topic on its own…

In the end, I believe more people would benefit from iCloud support and some form of content delivery system (i.e. receive a new recipe from Athenstean each week). What do you think? What features would you like to see next in the app? Should the iPad-version be a more “themed” version or a more “tables and grids” version. Feel free to send feedback…

– Alex

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