Website redesign

As you probably have noticed, this website has changed a lot. I’ve moved away from hand crafted HTML + Tumbler blog to using WordPress now. This allows for a better structure, improved design and should make it easier to post content in the future. It’s also a good occasion for a general status update:

  • Recipes: My Favorite Recipes automatically dropped out of the AppStore with the introduction of iOS 11 which requires 64bit. As you may or may not know, the app has been around for a long time. To be precise, it had it’s origins in the iOS 2 area which was the first iOS version one could develop apps for! During almost decade, a lot of things change and the way apps are build today is completely different then back then. Things like multi-tasking, storyboards or auto-layout UIs did not exist. So it isn’t easy to bring such an old app up to iOS 11 but I’ve started the process – which is the main reason for this website revamp. I’ll post more on this soon…
  • I’ve converted all the old blog entries but split all content concerning my 3D Modeler project to a separate site. It can now be found at This has been my primary focus over the last couple of years which is also the reason why there was little activity on this site.
  • Streetsoccer has been removed from the AppStore for a while now. While I still get occasional requests to bring it back, the license agreement I had with Cwali (the publisher of the original boardgames) has expired and so unfortunately there is no chance to get it up and running again.

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