Recipes iOS 7 Updates and other news

I took a small brake from working on Streetsoccer and did the necessary adjustments to make Recipes work with iOS 7. The update went into review yesterday and will hopefully be public in a week or so. As for Streetsoccer, … Read More

Streetsoccer Full In Game Recording

I’ve just uploaded a video showing of the various menus and a full match against the AI. As you can see, some art assets like the AI characters are still missing but coding wise the game is pretty much done. … Read More

Streetsoccer Coding Complete

After 2 ½ years, coding on Streetsoccer is finally complete. Well, truth be told, I still have to add something to handle potential support cases tomorrow but basically the game itself is done! I’ve just re-checked the repository: The very … Read More

Streetsoccer Custom Jerseys – Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous post about custom jerseys inside Streetsoccer. The in-game rendering code for custom jerseys is now complete and I also baked the player numbers into the individual shirts. The scoreboard now reflects the team … Read More

Streetsoccer Custom Jersey Generator

I’ve just completed a first version of the new jersey generator. The user can pick his own base color, a color for the shorts, one of the pre-defined patterns and a color for the pattern. The app internally does some … Read More

A HSV Color Picker Control for iOS

Things like this surprise me: How many years has it been since the first iPhone SDK came out? They just announced iOS 7 and I haven’t checked it out yet, but in iOS 6 at least, there is still no … Read More

Planar Quads in Blender – Making Faces Flat

I’ve seen a lovely flat shaded rendering style yesterday and while trying to emulate it, I noticed it’s important to have quads actually being flat for flat shaded rendering. As the rendering system splits everything into triangles, having a non-flat … Read More

Detecing and fixing encoding problems with NSString

When you’re working with strings on iOS, it’s only a question of time before you start using stringWithContentsOfURL, either for downloading something from the web or handling a file import to your App. One of the major pains of working … Read More

Turn-Based Game Center Support and more

Hi all, well, once again I missed a self-set deadline. I wanted to finish the first version of Streetsoccer and submit it to Apple end of the first week of January but I guess that one is over now. I’ve … Read More

Alpha is not Transparency – Premultiplied Alpha, Alpha Maps and Trees on iOS

I’ve lately been working on creating 3D models for Streetsoccer that act as background props. One of the most interesting areas is low poly trees and if you look through the Internet, there is hardly any good information out there. … Read More