Streetsoccer is on the way!

Streetsoccer app icon

Well, if hell didn’t just freeze over: After almost three years of work, I’ve submitted Streetsoccer to the app store! Actually, today was the third time in three days : )

I had first uploaded it on Sunday only to find a memory-related crash in the morning, so I pulled it, fixed the bug and re-submitted it… only to find the next morning that on iOS 7 a few graphics did not render correctly. But now, everything is go for V1.0.0 … there are lots of things I wish I would have had time for but they have to wait for the first update. Hopefully people won’t complain too much about the sparse board surrounding (still no trees) or the missing tournament server. Both are pretty high on my to-do-list.

But for now, the web page has been updated with new screenshots and the last of my friends I did base the AI character images on gave her okay. So lets hope review goes smoothly and it will be out in time for Essen game fair 2013!

On an interesting side node, I talked to the people from Dice+and they are sending me a dev kit. Actually received the tracking ID of the shipment today : )

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