Streetsoccer Full In Game Recording

I’ve just uploaded a video showing of the various menus and a full match against the AI. As you can see, some art assets like the AI characters are still missing but coding wise the game is pretty much done. … Read More

Streetsoccer Custom Jerseys – Part 2

This is the continuation of the previous post about custom jerseys inside Streetsoccer. The in-game rendering code for custom jerseys is now complete and I also baked the player numbers into the individual shirts. The scoreboard now reflects the team … Read More

Streetsoccer Custom Jersey Generator

I’ve just completed a first version of the new jersey generator. The user can pick his own base color, a color for the shorts, one of the pre-defined patterns and a color for the pattern. The app internally does some … Read More

Totemo Prototype

Just uploaded a video of the new Totemo for iPhone/iPad prototype. While showing the guys and gals of Surprised Stare Games the current version of Streetsoccer, Tony – the author of Totemo – suggested that the mixed 2D/3D camera control … Read More

Streetsoccer Menus

As promised, here is a video of the new menus in action. Most of the work is done, but what is missing are the team profile, career mode and the AI character images. As some may notice, I just dumped … Read More

StreetSoccer for iPhone Prototype Video

Just published the StreetSoccer for iPhone page with a first information on the upcoming game and a youtube video of the current prototype. I’ve found an old thread on boardgame geek where someone asked for an iPhone version of the … Read More