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StreetSoccer Recipes Monkey Dash Framework
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The official version of the highly successful board game for iPhone/iPod/iPad. This gem of a 2-player tactic game is eays to learn, quick to play but takes years to master. More... Most recipe apps for iOS come prepacked with thousands of recipes, this one comes with just three. It's optimized for your personal recipes, with import/export to popular sharing formats such as Mealmaster. More... Unfortunately, this prototype of Monkey Dash the boardgame never made it to the AppStore. Have an exclusive look of what it would have looked like, behind the scenes development anecdotes and more. More... Our scratch pad for geometry processing algorithms. NURBS processing, texture unwrapping or obscure 3D file formats, it all ended up in this cross-platform application. Hopefully one day it will becomes something someone can actually use. More...
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