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Welcome to Athenstean, the project hub for all our various projects. This site covers development, usability, user experience and various design topics. In short, everything that is fun and has to do with mobile apps development. Make sure to check out our blog for lots of other smaller topics.

Since creativity thrives on feedback, this site was created to give you a peek at what we are doing as well as share knowledge gained. Enjoy … and let us know what you think!


The following is a collection of projects we have done over the years. They range from quick prototype up to fully fledged public release.

Shapeflow3D Engine Render


3D geometry processing for the modern age.

Troyes Dice

Troyes Dice – Scoring App

Web-based scoring app

My Favorite Recipes iOS App Icon

My Favorite Recipes

An iOS app for YOUR recipes. Designed to store your custom recipes instead of giving you 500+ of someone else's recipes that you'll never cook.

Streetsoccer app icon


An iOS port of the popular 2 player board game. Great combination of chance and strategy, deceptively simple to learn and hard to master.

Totemo ITunes Artwork


A quick prototype for an iOS port of the boardgame of the same name.



A great 2 player boardgame, think competitive Sokoban.