Status: project aborted

Monkey Dash is a fun little 2-player board game in which each player tries to get his pet monkey out of the banana warehouse. The problem is the spoilt little beasts do not want to run over the ground but only over banana crates. It is your goal to push crates around with your supervisor and get your monkey to your loading bay before the opponent does so. The problem of course is that both players use the same crates but go into total different directions.

MonkeyDash for iPhone

Monkey Dash was developed back in the iOS 2 (!) days and was roughly 70-80% done. It contained a custom user interface, styling & animated menu, the full rule set and nice animations for shuffling through the hand.

It is a lesson in “get your paper work together before committing to a project” since contact with the author of the original board game was lost before finalising the license agreement. I therefore cannot put this game into the AppStore although a number of people had commented on how nice the user interface was. Anyway, go check out Monkey Dash the board game, it’s pretty cool!

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