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StreetSoccer for iPhone/iPod/iPad is based on the original 2-player board game by Cwali. In StreetSoccer, both players each coach a team of 5 members in a fast-paced 25min soccer match. The goal is of course to score the most points in that time. What looks like a die-rolling game of luck at first is a gem of a strategy game once you now the tricks of the trade.

The port to iOS has taken approximately 3 years of spare time to complete the initial version and we believe it shows. A strong AI, multiple ways of playing online and a very polished user interface should speak for themselves.

To learn more about Streetsoccer, check out its dedicated page.

My Favorite Recipes

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My Favorite Recipes was created out of a personal need for an App to host our own recipes. Started as Alex's very first project when the original iPhone SDK came out, it took over a year of spare time to finish, largely due to the polish spent into the user interface. It may not visually be the most unique app but separates itself from others by its functionality and efficiency.

Recipes has been available in the AppStore for quite a while now and has seen multiple feature and maintenance updates. It was previous to version 1.3.0 known as Athenstean's Recipes. This App is stable and therefore runs in "maintenance mode", focusing on bug fixes or minor additions. From time to time, we add new features just to serve our fans. Development of an iPad version was started a while ago but due to a lack of time is currently on hold. Recipes has it's own dedicated page here.

Monkey Dash

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Monkey Dash is a fun little 2-player board game in which each player tries to get his pet monkey out of the banana warehouse. The problem is the spoilt little beasts do not want to run over the ground but only over banana crates. It is your goal to push crates around with your supervisor and get your monkey to your loading bay before the opponent does so. The problem of course is that both players use the same crates but go into total different directons.

Monkey Dash is roughly 70-80% ready but has not been worked on for a year. It is a lesson in "get your paper work together before committing to a project since contact with the author of the original board game was lost and we therefore cannot put this game into the AppStore although a number of people have comment on how nice the user interface is. Hopefully we'll be able to pick this up again in the near future. Anyway, go check out Monkey Dash the board game, it's pretty cool.


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Framework is the project name for a 3D development environment that Alex started shortly after his diploma thesis. The idea was to write a simple UI and scenegraph that allowed him to implement scientific papers and gain experience with various computer graphics algorithms like LSCM unwrapping or NURBS tessellation.

Currently the feature list includes:

  • Polygon hole filling
  • Variational Shape Approximation and Quadric Based Simplification
  • Mesh Segmentation: D-Charts, LSCM, Sharp Edge, Tensor Analysis
  • A still experimental NURBS tessellator
  • JT file format import (written from scratch based on the JT Open specification
  • Rhino 3D, OFF, PLY and STEP file format import
  • SubD algorithms
  • LSCM unwrapping
  • Space navigator support
  • Various curvature computation algorithms and visualizations
  • Yafaray external raytracer integration
  • ...

Framework is written based on Qt 4 and developed under Mac OS X, but we want to port it to Visual Studio since that's where the target audience is. The NURBS tessellator still needs some work and there are various algorithms that we would like to try out. However, the main task at the moment is to clean up the hacked user interface and scene graph. At the moment, everything is put together by a lot of glue code that would have to be refactored if this application should have a chance to grow into a mature product. Development on Framework will most likely be picked up again once StreetSoccer development is complete.

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