You might ask yourself: Well, what is this "Athenstean" all about?

The name Athenstean was created a while ago by Alex as a pseudonym for publishing his first attempts in composing classical music. After juggling with characters and syllables for hours, Athenstean just came about and felt right. In addition, it was such a weird name that no one owned the domain yet which is always a plus in these modern times. It was months later that Alex realized how stupid the name was and that no one had a clue how to pronounce it...

Anyhoo, since the domain was already registered and one should not waste what one payed for, he started using it not for a webpage but for an email address. Back in 2007 when the very first version of the iPhone OS SDK was released, Alex was mesmerized by the possibilities of this new type of device and started coding Athenstean's Recipes, later renamed into My Favorite Recipes. A year later the first version of the app hit the AppStore and a quick session in iWeb resulted in the first homepage at

Since then, various people joined and left the effort to create cool pieces of software but the general idea stayed the same: Create a professional looking front for all the hobby projects we do. There simply was too much stuff that doesn't deserve gathering dust on various hard drives, too much knowledge gathered not to share and too many stories heard not to tell.

So have fun, enjoy the content on this webpage and feel encouraged to give us feedback.

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